About Us

For nearly an entire decade, our Team has acquired an ‘in’ and an ‘eye’ to new home developments and the housing market all across the Vancouver area. Together, we have mastered the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of buying, selling and marketing condos and all sorts of housing.

We are Real Estate product launch experts that have been known to sell new homes in only hours! Our services also branch out to the Developer community in sales and marketing consultations, and we are known for our creative marketing efforts.

Whether you want an investment opportunity, home, or home away from home, you can count on detailed and valuable advice from us. Together, we are a powerhouse because we possess different strengths, and have similar values. Keeping in mind our vast network of influential contacts and resources, we’ve become experts in narrowing down your best Real Estate investment options when you’re buying, and can narrow down the best strategy for when you’re selling.

Honesty, integrity and good communication is common practice. We are selective in the homes we sell and the team we work with, as Builder credibility, value and quality are very important. If we believe in the product, you benefit.

Time is everything! Simultaneously, our Team can appreciate that life in itself is a miracle and we should all cherish every minute of it. Thus, we always find a win-win situation for all our clients so that they save time and money, and get the best!

Dimple and Kim have a strong track record of performance with Cressey. Dimple has represented a large number of buyers and was a sales volume leader on several Cressey projects.  Kim, as a salesperson with Mac Marketing Solutions, proved to be a highly effective closer and was responsible for the sales success of multiple Cressey projects.

Hani Lammam
Executive Vice President
Cressey Development Group


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Dimple Gill & Kim Nakhleh