M One

M One, Coquitlam, BC

Developer: Cressey Development Group
Status: Sold Out
City: Coquitlam, BC
Neighbourhood: North Coquitlam
Completed: 2012
Structural Type: Residential high-rise
Storeys: 30
Units: 194

MOne is a leader in Coquitlam City centre. It is one of the first modern hi-rise towers built in the new growth area of the city’s commercial/ residential hub. Cressey Developments, one of Canada’s leading and most reputable developers, takes thoughtful design, form and function to a new height in Coquitlam. Our buyers and investors took full advantage of purchasing their M1 condo just before the B.C. government introduced the HST (harmonized sales tax) in 2009.

We successfully sold out 70% of the hi-rise within the first few months of the pre-sale in due time. The savings coming from the pre HST period, in addition to Cressey’s pre-sale pricing on the first of their 3-tower community was a win-win for all! M1 condos present a design of optimal livability. The guiding principles of thoughtful planning, clever ideas and functionality are apparent and you can tell that every detail was carefully considered and reviewed.